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[26] Fennel Fenchel

← Back | Zurück Next | Weiter → Star anise: Especially nice, especially aromatic The dried fruit of the evergreen magnolia tree Illicium verum not only looks good, but also has an aromatic taste. The spice, which is native to southern China and north Vietnam, receives its typical aniseed aroma from the phytochemical Anethol, which accounts for 80-90% of its essential oil. Anethole is als...

[2] Saffron Safran

Crocine, a carotenoid containing the water-soluble coloring agent crocetene, causes the actually deep-red saffron threads to color dishes yellow.
Es ist das den wasserlöslichen Farbstoff Crocetin enthaltende Crocin, ein zur Klasse der Carotinoide gehörendes Carotin, das die eigentlich tiefroten Safranfäden dazu bringt, Speisen gelb zu färben.

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