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[79] Cinnamon Echter Zimt

Cinnamomum verum (C. ceylanicum) is mostly referred to as “true” cinnamon. It is thinner, milder and contains close to zero coumarin.
Cinnamomum verum (C. ceylanicum) wird meistens als Echter Zimt bezeichnet. Es ist feiner, milder und enthält kaum Cumarin.

[26] Fennel Fenchel

← Back | Zurück Next | Weiter → Star anise: Especially nice, especially aromatic The dried fruit of the evergreen magnolia tree Illicium verum not only looks good, but also has an aromatic taste. The spice, which is native to southern China and north Vietnam, receives its typical aniseed aroma from the phytochemical Anethol, which accounts for 80-90% of its essential oil. Anethole is als...

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